Simiotics documentation

Welcome to Simiotics documentation site. This website contains documentation for all Simiotics tools and APIs.


Documentation comes in four varieties 1:

  1. Tutorials - These serve to familiarize you with our tools and help you set up your environment

  2. How-to guides - These show you how to perform specific tasks using Simiotics tools and APIs

  3. Discussions - These describe the problems that Simiotics solves, the architecture of our platform, and our design decisions

  4. Reference Guides - Comprehensive reference documentation for each Simiotics tool and API

We list each type of documentation under its own category on the navigation bar.


If you would like to contribute to Simiotics documentation, head on over to the GitHub repository:

Feel free to create issues for suggestions or glaring problems. For typos and the like, you can use the Edit this page button in the bottom right to fix them directly from your browser. We are very grateful for any help! :)

How it’s made

This site is built using:

  1. hugo

  2. Our custom fork of the hugo book theme created by Alex Shpak

  3. Travis CI for automatic deployment

You can find the code on GitHub: